Software for Pattern Pick-and-Place Jobs with Six-Axis Robots | Plastics Technology

2021-12-27 22:42:31 By : Ms. Shengzhu Huang

Free software download from Yaskawa Motoman helps define and select repetitive handling patterns.

Programming six-axis robots to pick and place objects in repetitive patterns is made easier with new Smart Pattern software for Smart Pendant V2.0.4 or newer from Yaskawa Motoman. Smart Pattern is said to enable quick development of repetitive handling tasks like stacking/unstacking, case packing and machine loading/unloading. This “intuitive” interface provides guided prompts for patterns involving a single part, 2D grid array, 3D grid and stacks.

New Smart Pattern software is compatible with Motoman HC and GP series six-axis robots.

Prompts are provided for two types of jobs: Pattern jobs define a specific pattern and robot movement for handling each part in the pattern. Supervisor jobs define which pattern should be used to pick and place parts, as well as the overall flow of the system, including basic I/O signals.

Smart Pattern is said to be easily customizable with job editing to accommodate specific requirements. A wide variety of grippers and EOAT can be used. The software is available for free download for use with HC and GP series Motoman robots. It is compatible with YRC1000 and YRC1000micro controllers.

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